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Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Want to know the Meaning of Skull Tattoos?

What do they represent or what extra symbols are the most present? In this post we will solve the doubts you have about this type of designs that many times people see it as something negative but, you will be surprised that the meaning is much deeper than you think.

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Meaning of skull tattoos

Skulls tattoos are related by default to death due to the representation given to him since ancient times but there are also different interpretations that can be given to skull tattoos, like:

New Life: “Reborn” or learn from past mistakes that will not be made again.

Overcoming: A disease, accident or penalty that was necesary to overcome, this is another reason for tattooing this symbol.

Commemoration: Honor a special person whether your family or friend with a skull tattoo and date.

Strength: Symbolize the strength of the person with a skull.

Protection: take care of your body and spirit.

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Although these are some of the reasons why people get a tattoo of skulls, the meaning that the person brings to their tattoo is what really is worth. Although there are also those who only use them for aesthetics, because a skull on a person’s skin will always look spectacular.

Mexican Culture

Within Mexican culture, skull designs are called Catrinas or Calavera Garbancera that was created by Aztec illustrator, José Guadalupe Posada. The figure depicts is “La Muerte” and draws attention due to the colors it possesses and the layout of each line. Catrinas are known worldwide so despite being a Latin figure they can be seen in many people from different countries.

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Skull Tattoos with extra symbols

To provide a much “deeper” value to Skull Tattoos have been attributed different types of symbols such as flames, swords or weapons.

Skull with roses

One of the designs that most combine with the skulls are the roses. The skull shows a strong image and the roses calm in opposite to the previous one, showing a feeling of peace that may well be overcome or have marked the life of the person.

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Skull with roses woman skull with roses man

Skull with clock In the case of mixing Skull with clock this means the passage of time. The most accurate interpretation that can be given to this type of tattoo is to live as if it were the last second but without taking things to the extreme but to something much freer.

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Skulls with mirror

The meaning of the tattoo of Skull with mirror is undoubtedly one of the best. It is focuses on the beauty that will eventually leave one day showing that inside we are all the same.

In Latin American countries it is where this design is most used.

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