stickers of skulls

Skull Stickers

Now you can make the skull your personal seal.

The stickers we offer are the best way for everyone to know that someone who breaks molds has passed by.

Your car, your guitar, your dog, you dirty toilets… let your strong personality be embodied in everything around you. Do you have what it takes to start being different?

stickers of skulls
the best selection of skull stickers

Why buy skulls stickers?

You can say goodbye to the hateful cellophane and the American tape

Flaming on a wall? – song sticker, unsightly scar on the chest? -sticker that helmet him-, holes of dubious origin in your t-shirts? I don’t know about you, but I’d plant a good skulls on him, do you lend books and records that you never get back?

Well, this will still happen to you, but at least the hoot will eat his conscience to see the bloody sticker.

With our selection of skulls stickers you won’t waste hours looking for a symbol that defines you between Frozen and One Direction images, here we are not just merchants who approach the sun that heats the hottest.


We are the skulls because we know that to defend ideals you have to be consistent with them and ours will always carry as a banner a skull and a pair of crossbones. We have a variety of stickers so great that you won’t be able to choose just one, so dive into our catalog and explore all the products we offer you until you find the one that expresses what you’re looking for. If you have any questions or suggestions, remember that we are at your disposal.
We’re not doing anything but changing the system from the inside, so you decide if you want to be part of the rebel party and help us spread the skull.

Preach the word! Spread the good news! Prophesy the change! And anyone who doesn’t listen to you… Sticker!