Skulls in love

Skulls in love is one of the symbols of Valentine’s Day that despite being not as representative as “Cupid” many people take it as a reference on this date.

Skulls in love Meaning

The representation of skulls is always, will be and has been that of death so the combination of love can mean not only one thing but many more than today we will talk for greater knowledge:

Skulls in love can be related to the end of a stage of a couple that even though they already have an end to remember that love forever.

It can also mean a love for life, forever, pure and faithful that two lovers promise each other and that they plan to fulfill until they are given the last breath in this world.

On this occasion it would not be a tattoo that would commemorate couples but a necklace rather than a ring since the pendant in a woman will be close to her heart and can always wear it both in any outfit or moment regardless of the occasion.

This image below reflects what lines we write above as the types of accessories we see are used by people of ancient times. The love of older people is always admired because they not only were together for many years but also overcome all the evils.

The love depicted in the image is of a skull dancing to the sound of a song with a woman who knows that a relationship will go through many paths, some of potholes, holes and obstacles, but that at the end of the day will continue to love each other.

A song in the night before sleeping at a romantic dinner, or any day you want to dance with that special person will be a great gesture of detail as it will never expect it from you.

A gift that can also please a person, whether man or woman, is to give him something that will always be present in his day to day, as for example to people who are in office.

The pad mice despite being an accessory that many people have it at hand do not give it the due importance of the case and in this case put an image of skulls in love is a great gift since it is original.

You don’t always need a ring to promise eternal love and a tattoo of skulls in love on your fingers is the best way to do it. If you want to make a symbol much bigger than the same marriage then it’s to make you a piece like this.

A consolidated couple who tattooed this image on their fingers is not only a special stamp but also a confirmation of their feelings after so many years of being together.

If you have an image, object or tattoo on skulls in love then write us an inbox to our fan page @withskulls to be able to add it to this gallery of photos about love forever between people who once swore to love each other and to this day continue to do so.