skull boots

Skulls Boots

I’m sure there’ll be people to tell you that someday you’re gonna die with your boots on.

Well, screw them, in your store we want you to stay alive, very alive and that what you do is buy us the most cadaveric boots to enjoy them a long life: boots of skulls.

Why buy skulls boots?

You like boots, how they fit, how they make you walk and step firm. You can almost identify your steps by your own booties, by the sound they make on the ground, on the asphalt, anywhere. Well, what we propose is that if your boots customize you like that, you do the same, customizing your boots.
It’s fair, isn’t it? And what better way to customize them than with beautiful skulls? We have all kinds of boots with skulls in our store, so you can buy whatever you want. Neither variety nor price is an excuse. Kick the offers on, you’ll see how you find yours, those who are yelling at you.

Hey, you, come here and put on these boots, you’ll see if you step hard!

You have so many reasons to buy these boots… because you like walking with your own footprints, getting on the back of your bike and letting your feet form part of the bodywork, walking through the toughest and most rugged roads… well, or lying down and putting your feet on the table. Your life is yours and the occasions to show off your skull boots as varied as your tastes and your way of living it.

Oh! Oh! And clean your boots often, see if the road dust will end up covering your skulls.