Skulls Makeup

If you are a person who runs away from conventionalisms, and you like to differentiate yourself from other people, the makeup of skulls will give you a lot of play.

The skulls have been part of those rock bands that placed their personal stamp before the usual aesthetics of their respective eras, achieving a most suggestive and transgressive look.

Why buy skull makeup?

Without a doubt, skulls are differentiating elements, and give you a look that completely departs from conservatism, betting on a subversive and rebellious look. Legendary groups like the Misfits were admired by other musicians and thousands of fans, no longer just for their music, but for their image and attitude. The truth is that their aesthetic was really groundbreaking: they were always wearing black, they used skull makeup and, of course, their famous logo was a skull.

This punk band has influenced the best rock and metal bands, such as Metallica, who have made several mythical versions of the Misfits. In fact, the ill-fated bassist of Metallica, in most of his public appearances, wore a T-shirt with the Misfits skull, since he was a true fan of the band. And it is that the makeup of skulls can become an element of the most recurrent for many moments in which you intend to win in attitude and style.

So why wait for Halloween if you’re trying to differentiate yourself from the rest of the people?