Skulls Paintings

Skulls are one of the most versatile and transgressive decoration options for all those who love this symbol.

Give more personality to your bedroom, your living room or any corner of your home with a cadaveric picture from our catalogue.

[block]0[/block]Why buy skulls pictures?

Skulls have become another element for the decoration of our homes, a way to move our tastes to the walls of a room just like we did in our teens with posters.


Now, it’s time to leave behind the pins or the zeal and choose to buy a painting with gloomy skulls. This way you can keep your style unmistakable; because getting older doesn’t mean you stop being yourself. And that is what many artists have done, because we can find representations of skulls that have given rise to the paintings that we collect in our shop. We have at your disposal a wide variety of pictures with skulls illustrations of all imaginable styles: colorful images for a modern decoration, Mexican skulls to take our most traveling side or sober skulls illustrations to give class to the ensemble

In addition to the variety of skulls represented in the pictures of our store, you can play with many other factors to turn your skulls images into the center of attention of your visitors. Dare to make a collage of skulls paintings in the living room playing with different sizes of illustrations or placing the paintings with the same theme to recreate the walls of your room when you were a teenager who loves skulls.

You can also give the note, in the best of the senses, with colored frames for those skulls with cheerful and festive dyes, surround classic skulls paintings with thin black frames or be a complete transgressor mixing the old frames with the most amazing skulls you find in our section of paintings. We put the paintings, but you put the style.