skull buttons to buy online

Skull Buttons

Can you think of a better way to personalize your clothes than by changing the old boring buttons for some crazy skull buttons?

This isn’t something for everyone, so if you think you’re ready to get your attitude to stratospheric limits take a look at what we have prepared for you.


Why buy skull buttons?

Because no one makes it as easy as withskulls. You choose how you want them, disguised to go to the communion of your nephew or great ones so that everyone will find out that you are not worth the half-inks.

In our selection you will find the type of button that identifies you most, from the hottest to the most aggressive, and who tells you to choose only one model?
Mix them and make your clothes a unique object, not suitable for heart. I don’t know who decided that the buttons are only for fastening, of course someone who didn’t have in mind lining his sucker with dozens of skulls.

The limits to using these buttons are only put by your audacity; you can place them on your belt, on your cap, on your guitar strap… You can surely wear them in an original and terrifying way that no one has thought of yet, as a clasp for earrings, bracelets, necklaces or sticking them wherever you want.

Dazzle everyone, literally and metaphorically, with an army of buttons with bright skulls forming rows in your jacket, or make the vest you keep from that waiter’s work a real chain of meshes that make it impenetrable for the enemy’s arrows, remember, the attacks of the orcs are fast and unpredictable, all Caution is little.

After everything you’ve read, I don’t understand how you still think about it. There’s only something better than a skull, a bunch of skulls!