Lace mask for halloween

Thinking of having a mask party on Halloween night? Those are the best because no one knows who the other person might be! And you can increase the mystery with a good Halloween mask. Don’t you want anyone to recognize you? Choose the most deucated one!


The best Halloween mask

Although we could recommend that you break a bit with tradition, let’s say you want a purely Halloween mask. How are these? Well, you have different models to turn to. On the one hand are the masks that represent the elements of the party, such as orange with pumpkin stripes.

But those would be a bit boring, so you better buy masks that are shaped like a bat, owl or some witchcraft related animal like a crow, a black cat or mice. You could even buy yourself an eye mask that looks like a spider, with its eight legs. They are elegant, mysterious and very eye-catching. I’m sure more than one will ask you to dance with him.

Those who want to be original are the antifaces with blood prostheses, the antifaces of Catrina or that simulate part of the appearance of a monster. Ideal for any Halloween party.

Anything more Victorian?

If there’s one thing they never fail, it’s Victorian masks. They also serve as Halloween masks. These have various ornaments, appearing to be metal masks, when in fact they are hard plastic. With gold, silver accents and uniform shapes.

To create more mystery, you could buy a mask that covers much of your face, only exposing the area of your mouth, or covering half a face (like the Phantom of the Opera), and even having a white and a colored area of your face.

Then there is the theme of ornaments, with feathers, flowers… the more eye-catching an eye mask, the longer it will take people to realize who you are!

The most elaborate masks in withskulls

Making an eye mask is actually very simple. But why bother? With our catalog of Halloween masks you will never overpay to get this fantastic product. No spending a few hours sitting at the table working. When you place your order, in just 24 hours you will have it at home. Get ready to be the most mysterious guy in the whole room! No one can recognize you thanks to the Halloween mask you buy in withskulls!