Best Skull Jug

So far there is nothing more refreshing than a cold beer on with some good friends siting on the terrace, garden or rooftop. But, how can this be even much better yet?

Put that beer or soda into a Skull Jug.

This ornament is one of the most sold, whether it is to give to a friend on his birthday, to the new couple of husbands or to your partner either on Valentine’s Day or on a special date.

Skull Beer Pitcher

A Skull Beer Pitcher will make your table look much more impressive than usual. Surprise your guests with these ideal designs that more than one will ask where they can get one similar or equal. If you are a fan of rock or metal then the Skull Beer Pitcher that we will present to you below can be one of the products that you have bought faster in your life due to its originality.

This design made with stainless steel is unique in every way and is that the warrior helmet gives it a much more added value than the previous one because it looks like a medieval piece. This decorative piece also meets other related products that are for morning coffee drinking in your skull cup or for wine chalice. A little more sinister but that would also look great at a meeting with your school friends after the year is this skull skull beer mug.

Drinking wine in this jug would be great if we assumed all the symbologies. On this occasion we will show you a wide cup that can be used as a jug. If you have a birthday and your friend likes everything related to skulls then this will be a great gift. Sure he will appreciate it for life.

The Viking beer pitcher is another product that we loved and its shape inspired, by viking warriors, makes it an ideal pitcher for Halloween night or having it as an ornament in the center of the table.
An article with relief detail is the following: “Resin and steel skull beer pitcher” that collects small skulls of skulls plus the handle is composed of a “spine”.

And finally, a copy that we loved more than all because of the color with which it was created. The tone it presents makes it different in every way. Remember that this gallery are from the Internet so we show you the ones we liked most in our search for this post.

If you already have a mug of skull beer in your home then don’t hesitate to take a picture and send it to our fan page @withskulls to add it. Also tell us which of the products you would like to have in your house to have a good time with your family or friends whether on a Sunday, a meeting or a party.