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15 crazy Halloween pumpkin ideas originally decorated

Halloween pumpkins are trendy and this is the best place to look for inspiration to creat your own Hallo-pumpki.

Check this 15 ideas of decorated Halloween pumpkins. Defenetly it will become a trend in the world of terror.


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Death Star Pumpkin

The Star Wars universe is not only present on the day of geek pride. During Halloween night it is also common to see many children dress up as the characters in the saga. So why not welcome them properly with a wonderful decorated pumpkin from the death star?

This may be one of the most complicated to prepare. But, with a little patience and practice, you can get it right.

The first thing is to empty the pumpkin, as we explained to you at “make Jack’s pumpkin”. Remember to cut the top and a little piece at the back, so you can empty it easier.

Now it’s time to work on the mold. You should download an image of what the death star looks like. All you will need is a knife and a spoon (or fork), there will be some areas where you will have to remove the skin, leaving some meat.

The first thing we recommend to do are the small fissures of the death star. Right in the center, cut a piece of skin about 2 inches wide, it will pass the death star at it’s middle. Rememeber we still need other pieces of 1 inch vertically, to make the vertical lines.

Then, just above the middle of the pumpkin, you have to remove a little more skin and meat to make like a small crater. This will become the planet laser bomb! Within the crater, with the help of a punch or a screwdriver, make a small hole.

Now, following the outside scheme of the death star, you’ll have to draw the rest of the lines, and remove the pieces of pumpkin skin that come back.

Place the candle inside, close at the back and get ready to see the incredible result of your work.


Skull squash

Do you think that Jack’s pumpkin is scary? That’s because you haven’t seen a skull-faced Halloween pumpkin yet. Those are really scary! The elaboration is quite simple. All you need is a black pen, a medium orange and a white pumpkin, and a good knife.

After cutting the top of the orange squash and emptying it, very carefully to not damage the outside. Draw the face of the skull on the front. If you want to give it a terrifying look, you should cut the contour of the mouth, so that it looks like it’s real.

Then the white squash is going to be a brain. So with a knife you’re going to cut lines all over the surface, to shape it as a real human brain. Place it in the orange squash to make sure, it looks good.

If you see that the white squash sticks out a lot, then cut pieces until it fits perfectly. All you have to do now is light the candle and enjoy the wonderful result.


Cannibal squash

Would it be scary to see a big pumpkin eating a little one? Who said no?! If you work it well, it could become the best Halloween pumpkin in the neighborhood.  To do this pumpkin you’re going to need a big pumpkin, a small pumpkin and a marker. Besides the knife and the spoon, of course.

For the big pumpkin you’re going to have to work it out step by step. We recommend emptying it from behind, making a small hole at the top so that you will not notice it to much. But don’t empty all. In the nearest area where the face will be leave a little bit of pumpkin meat.

Now let’s go to the face, draw the eyes just how you like them the most. but give the mouth a more macabre look by drawing it a little deformed. Think that he should look like he’s biting a little pumpkin.

After emptying the eyes, it’s time to do the mouth. To do this, first remove the pumpkin skin, following the line you have drawn. Then, you’re going to draw lines on the flesh to mark the teeth. With the knife cut, following the line, and being very careful to not break the teeth.

It’s time to make the little one now, for which you’re going to empty the small pumpkin and draw him with sad eyes and a frightened mouth. Cut the pieces of the skin and put it right in the mouth of the big pumpkin.

When you put this pumpkin on your doorstep, everybody’s going to want to take a picture of it.


Jack Skellington Pumpkin

Jack Skellington’s character is actually based on Jack’s myth. In fact, doesn’t it look like the one you usually draw on your pumpkin for Halloween night? So why not make a face just as funny as this Jack?

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Doing it is quite simple, and even children could prepare it. Cut a circle in the corner area and a little one in the back. Empty it with help of an ice cream spoon or a spoon, with great care to not take the skin in front of.

Draw two huge circular eyes, than two holes in Jack’s nose and the mouth with uniform teeth.

With the knife, cut the eye area, removing the two huge circles of skin. For the nose and mouth, you only have to remove a little bit of the skin, for this we will use a smaller knife or scrape with something sharp, until the skin is removed.

Just put the candle inside the pumpkin and you’ll have it ready to put in the garden. Very easy, isn’t it?


Vomiting pumpkin

Some pumpkins may not feel quite right to eat some kids on Halloween night… so it’s normal to start vomiting! Would you like to learn how to prepare this pumpkin?

As is obvious, the first thing will be to empty the squash following the system of your choice. But don’t throw the pumpkin stuff. Rather, put all the seeds and meat in the shredder and pass it through the appliance for a couple of minutes.

Draw with a marker a few ripped eyes, which look like the pumpkin feels bad, two circles for the nose and a huge mouth.

Now, carefully cut with the knife down everything you’ve drawn, throwing the remains in the trash. Be very careful with the nose area, because you might have too big holes.

Now you just have to put the filling you’ve crushed in the mouth area to make it look like a vomit. You won’t be able to put a candle on it, but doesn’t it look cute?


Darth Vader Pumpkin

You’re a big Star Wars fan, and death star’s pumpkin isn’t enough for you? There are more options you can prepare for Halloween night, such as Darth Vader’s pumpkin.

To do it, you just have to draw on the pumpkin (after emptying it ofc) are a few lines that simulate the Jedi’s helmet and then the lines to contour the face. Cut out those areas with a knife.

This way, when you put a candle inside and it gets dark, the hull area will look black, while the rest of the pumpkin will be bright.

If you want to give it a darker and more sinister touch, paint the inside of the lines, i.e. the area of the skin, with black pen. We guarantee that the final result will not disappoint you.

Ghostbusters Pumpkin

Oh, no, ghosts have started coming to your house! But thanks to this Ghostbusters pumpkin, no one is so dare to try to catch you on Halloween!

It’s a bit difficult design to realize, as you have to be very careful with the cuts so that you wan’t spoil the pumpkin, but it’s Halloween and the effort will be well deserved. With a little practice you can easy achieve it. The first thing is to empty the pumpkin completely. Follow the procedure you like best to get it done.

Now you have to draw on the front the shape the Ghostbusters logo. For the cut, you will follow two steps: the image of the ghost you just need to trim it until you get a little to the flesh of the pumpkin,  removing only the skin. Clearly, at the eye and mouth area you will have to remove the skin. On the contrary, in what is the sign of prohibition you will remove all the meat, reaching the inside of the pumpkin.

Once you placed it at the porch of your house, no discussion if any ghost is going to dare approach even close to your area.

Pumpkin snail

This may be the simplest pumpkin, and the least scary one. So cute, and fun to do.

To make it, apart from a medium pumpkin, you will also need a zucchini, two corks in the form of a circle, two chopsticks and a little green plasticize. Apart from the marker and the knife.

We will start by making the shell of the snail. This time we recommend you to remove the bottom of the pumpkin, to empty it from below. Once achieved, at the top draw a spiral to remove that part of skin from the pumpkin. Put the pumpkin on the ground. Cut the zucchini down the lower zone, so that it can lean well, and put it right next to the pumpkin conch. Punch the two cork balls to make eyes and, with the help of long sticks, place them in the zucchini.

Finally, stick a little plasticize to what would be the nose of the snail… oh, and don’t forget to draw a smile! All you have to do is put a candle inside the shell and you will see how this beautiful little friend animates the atmosphere on the street.


Spider pumpkin.

This is a fairly original option of how to decorate Halloween pumpkin. You can do a very elaborate work or something simpler, it all depends on your desire to work on the pumpkin.

To make this kind of pumpkin, first of all you will have to empty the pumpkin (you know you can use the system you like best to get it done). Then draw the biggest and scariest creature of a spider you can. With the help of a knife, cut everything around the spider. If you are a very crafty person, you can cut pieces to simulate that the spider is in a spider web. After putting the candle inside, all you have to do is use a black pipe cleaner to make the eight legs. And ready!

This kind of pumpkin also serves you to make a decorated pumpkin from Spider-man, for example. Only, instead of leaving empty gaps, just carve the symbol on the pumpkin so that it lights up well at night.


Pumpkin with animals.

In this case, instead of making the typical pumpkin with the typical face, we will do a pumpkin with plastic animals. A kind of pumpkin perfect for decorating a children’s party.

How is it done? Very simple: all you need is a large pumpkin, knife, spoon and plastic animals. You need to make holes on the surface of the pumpkin, in which you will put the plastic animals. If they are small insects you don’t need to empty the inside of the pumpkin. But if your idea is to do it with some kind of reptile we recommend emptying it so that the body of the animal can fit well through the mouth-hole.


Pumpkin lamps

To light on the Halloween nothing comes better than a good lamp. But what if those lamps that you can put in your home were made with pumpkins?

pumkin halloween decorational ideas

This may be the easiest Halloween Pumpkin to make. After cutting the top and emptying the pumpkin inside, use a drill to drill the holes on the surface.

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Try to make the holes have some striking shape, like a flower or the entire surface full of holes, but different colors. Then you only have to put the candle inside and illuminate the room.


Satirical Pumpkin

What if instead of emptying pumpkins you just decorate them a little? You could make satirical images of family members using anything you have around the house. For example, let’s say you want to make a satirical pumpkin from your grandmother. Well, just use a little foam or cotton to make the hair. The eyes can be made with paper, and the lips can be some candy lips.

You can buy glasses at any cheap store in the area, with a rope that falls to give it a more realistic look. What is your father? Well, the same thing: a little colored cotton to make the hair, baubles to give it an original touch… In recent years satire pumpkins have gained a lot of power among Halloween decoration, as it is a great family activity to have a good time before the Halloween. You can even run a contest to see who does the best.


Pumpkin in a witch’s hat

If Halloween is also known as the night of death and witches, isn’t it obvious that there has to be a witch present among pumpkins? Making them is very easy!

You will need a pumpkin with a very large stem, to use it as a nose. Then, on top of the stem draw the eyes and scrape until you reach almost to the meat. A circle surrounding an area of skin for the eyes. To make the mouth, you have several options. Either you scrape a little and get to the meat, making skin teeth and the bottom of the mouth is the flesh of the pumpkin. You could also empty it inside and use a knife to shape the teeth.

You already have the shape of your face. But what are you missing? Of course, the ornaments! Well, something as easy as putting on a wig and a witch’s hat. Ready to scare the neighborhood!


Pumpkin vase

At a party not all have to be scary pumpkins. There may also be some little “good cheer” to the atmosphere of the house.

Our advice would be a vase pumpkin. To make it, after cutting the top, empty it inside with the help of an ice cream spoon or soup spoon. Then you draw the face you want to the pumpkin. Inside place some cork and hook the stems of the flowers. When you’re done, your pumpkin will look terribly adorable.

Pumpkin for sweets.

This is an idea very similar to the previous one, with the only difference that it will serve to put sweets. Although it is not strictly necessary, after emptying the pumpkin, and only if you want, you can draw a face to the pumpkin.

With the help of an ice punch, a drill with a very fine drill bit, or whatever you have at hand, make holes in the surface of the pumpkin. In these holes you can put lollipops, candies or whatever you want from Halloween treats hooked, so that people catch them during the party.

pumkin halloween decorational ideas 9999