They convince their little sister that they are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse

Imagine that you wake up from anesthesia after you’ve been surgically operated to remove your wisdom teeth and, still stunned, you get in your older brother’s car to take you home.

Then it happens. Just as you’re coming home, it sounds on the radio that a strange rabies and canabalism virus is rapidly spreading across the country. Suddenly, a call from your parents: the house will soon be surrounded by zombies, you have to take everything you can and flee to Mexico. And here come the funniest moments of the video:

The selection of weapons.

β€œWhy do you give me a leaf catcher? What can I do with this? Give me a knife!” The decision of which pet to save.

β€œThe dog is the worst β€” in fact, it is already dying. We have to save the cat.”

Finally, when the poor girl asks why she has to make all the important decisions, her brothers do not stand laughing and confess that this is a joke.