These skulls with bonsai bring the dead back to life.

Do you know the memento mori?
It is an artistic movement that aims to remind us of the transience of life and our own mortality (from Latin “remember that you’re going to die”).

So, at first, you may not be attracted to the idea, but when you see that they achieve their purpose by using dead elements and combining them in the most beautiful way possible with living nature… you will change your mind.

The skulls in question are created by Andrew Firth and marketed in Jack of the Dust — they measure 13x16x22 cm, weigh about 850 grams and are worth $329 each.

Would you buy them to decorate your house? For 3 years, the creator has dedicated himself to creating “memento mori” skulls.

“I love creating. As a child I spent hours playing with LEGO, later painting Warhammer figures, then I spent 12 years building ships and now I dedicate myself entirely to creating skulls”