the asteroid of the death

The “skull” comet is once again approaching the earth

In 2015 one of the news that went viral on social networks, television and all media was the discovery of a strangely shaped comet approaching the earth on a very creepy date.

This asteroid was one of those that alarmed the population due to its resemblance to a “Skull” and in this year it will again make its appearance with a little delay than expected although at a far greater distance than the previous one.

Nasa reporting on the trajectory of the asteroid “Skull” in 2015

Its original name is TB145 but in the networks they christened it as the “Skull Comet” since it has the shape of one but what made it known worldwide besides generating an absurd panic was how close it happened to our planet since according to scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) said it approached 486,000 kilometers, which is actually a little further away from what is the Moon from Earth.

The date he passed through that moment was a coincidence that he arrived on Halloween (Halloween) but this time it will not be until November 11, 2018 that he will make his appearance further away from the earth. The distance that has been calculated will be 105 times that separates us from our satellite so we should not be afraid of some disaster. However, it was also known that its mass has enough weight to destroy an entire city. It could destroy a city This comet, despite being a threat to the earth, is one of the objects that most fascinates astronomers since most of its trajectory is behind Mars in addition to being small (625 meters long) and dark.

It is known that many years ago it was a comet but that it lost its volatile elements (tail) to be close to the sun so it transformed into a dead rock that wanders through space waiting for its end and that the farther away from our planet the better. After passing through these dates, it will not make its appearance again until 2082 where this time it will approach a third of the distance between the Earth and the Sun, which is again impossible for it to touch the earth or we have to be expecting some tragedy.

Another name with which it is known is ‘Halloween asteroid’, ‘the Great Pumpkin’ or ‘the comet of death’ although it is more called “Skull Comet” but it is estimated that for this visit it has already lost its trait of a skull and for the third it is even less similar.

Asteroid data:

Name: TB145
Year discovered: October 10, 2015 (Pan-Starrs Telescope — Hawaii, USA.)
Length: 625 meters L.
1st Near Earth Step: 486,000 kilometers from Earth (31 October 2015)
2nd Near Earth Step: 40 million kilometers (11 November 2018)
3rd Near Earth Step: 50 million kilometers (2082)