Recipes of Halloween lollipops

It’s a good initiative, especially if it’s going to be a children’s party.

Don’t you ever think you should make some Halloween candy?

We will give you some recipes for you to become a winner during the party, starting with various types of lollipops.


We will teach you how to make three different types of lollipops, so you could use to write down the ingredients of each one, so you will not be wrong to make them and you will have a great dish to serve the guests.

For lollipops with eye shape 5 oreo cookies 5 chuches with a hole in the center 50 grams of mini chocolate chips 200 grams of white chocolate For pumpkin lollipops 5 oreo cookies 50 grams of orange candy Mint leaves Edible white marker edible black marker For skull cookies 5 oreo cookies 150 grams of white chocolate edible black marker

Pens Preparation of lollipops

What can we do to prepare delicious lollipops for Halloween and everyone is happy with the result?

Easier could not be, just follow this recipe.

Eye lollipops

The first recipe we are going to teach you how to prepare are delicious, but scary lollipops shaped like an eye. An easy recipe to prepare.

Heat a pan on the fire at medium power, and when you see that the temperature is right, put the white chocolate along with the chocolate frostis. Wait a few minutes, and when the chocolate is melting it’s time to start stirring. Another way to melt it is a heat stroke for a few minutes in the microwave.

Now that the chocolate is melted, tap the oreo cookies, through the area of the white cream, with a long toothpick and dip the biscuit inside. Place them on a plate as you take them out and let them rest on a plate at room temperature or in the fridge. When warm, place the eye shape bauble in the center and let it cool down. If you get some dark chocolate granites, this could serve as a pupil.


Preparation of pumpkin lollipops

Did you find the recipe above simple?

Well, you’re going to run out of words when you see how easy it is to make this fabulous recipe… It only takes a few minutes to do it!

Melt the orange caramel in a saucepan, until it is about to boil. So, puncture with a long stick the cookies and dip them into it. As you take them out, you let them rest on a tray. Wait until the cookie is at room temperature. Then, with the edible black marker you will draw the shape of the pumpkin (the stripes), as well as the outline of the eyes and mouth.

Color the inside of the eye with the white edible marker, as well as the area of the mouth to mark the teeth. Finally, the black marker pen, for the iris and contour of the teeth. It remains only to glue on the back the mint leaves and you already have some sweet pumpkin lollipops ready.

Another option, for colors, is to melt a little black and white chocolate (separately) and with a pastry bag make the drawings. If you have a lot of tomorrow, it’ll be the best option.

Skull lollipops

Since we are so good with skulls, how could we not show you a recipe in which you can prepare this fantastic and friendly friend? This is the recipe!

Melt the white chocolate the way you like best: in the microwave or on fire, but it must be manageable so that you can prepare the lollipop well. Once the chocolate is melted, tap the Oreo cookie with a large stick, through the white cream part, but without going through it completely, and dip in the chocolate. Stir well to smear well and let stand to cool. After half an hour, or an hour, the cookies should already be well cold, with the chocolate adhered.

Then, with the help of the edible black marker, you can draw the eyes and mouth. If you want to do something original, with these steps you can also do what are known as the Jack Skelleton lollipops. These are presented by drawing his face on the oreo biscuit dipped in white chocolate with a cut paper suit.

Quick and original to do.