Halloween Weapons

When someone disguises themselves as a vampire, werewolf or Frankenstein’s monster, they don’t have much more to add to the suit. But what if you disguise yourself as Death? Or do I disguise you as a character like Jason on Friday the 13th? Ash of Evil Dead? Don’t these fictional characters carry guns with them? Going without these weapons would remove credibility from your costume, so you have to get some Halloween weapons!

Halloween weapons, don’t go without them.

A good Halloween costume is based on three factors: realism, recreation and atmosphere. Makeup and clothing are important, but if you don’t carry a bloody gun with you on Halloween, won’t everyone laugh at you? What would Freddy Kruegger become without his claws? Jeff the killer without his knife?

Even when you go as a zombie, you should consider buying a Halloween weapon. Yeah, you heard right. Because, if you’re a cop zombie, don’t these zombies carry their weapons even if they don’t use them later? Or you could disguise yourself as a killer butcher who carries a chainsaw full of blood with him.

The most realistic Halloween weapons you’ve ever seen

Leaves the cheap plastic for children’s costumes. If you are going to dress up for Halloween you must do well, and to do this your Halloween weapons have to look very realistic.

Weapons that, even if they are made of plastic or cardboard, are worked in such a way that they look like real wood. What do you want a chainsaw? The saw will move at full speed and make real noise. A scythe? It’ll look like you can get through whoever you want with her. A gun? It’ll weigh so much that people will think it’s real and at any moment you can take them off.

Find the Halloween weapon that sticks most to your person: an ax, a mace, a saw or a shovel. Although, if you don’t want to look a little bad, you might as well try to make some changes, especially regarding the weapon. This way you’ll surprise everyone and they won’t expect your attack.

The deadliest Halloween weapons only in WITHSKULLS

Halloween weapons can be expensive, but with us that doesn’t matter. Because, for us, the more quality a Halloween weapon has, the more economical we will offer it to you. Every Halloween weapon you have in mind is within your reach with a single click thanks to the lowest price Decalaveras! Look at everything we have ready for you!