Halloween Vampire recipe

Halloween Vampire Eclipse Recipe

Tired of looking for drinks for Halloween and only finding recipes to make drinks for kids? We’re not going to talk to you about that kind of drink here… we’re going to talk to you about a real adult drink!

And it is, no more and no less, than the vampire eclipse.

Halloween Vampire recipe


Make sure to measure the amount you’re going to throw out of each ingredient, because otherwise, you can get an unpleasant surprise the next day. 15 ml of grenadine 15 ml of orange juice 30 ml of white rum

Preparation of vampire eclipse

You’ve noticed that you don’t need a great amount of ingredients to make this recipe, right? All it takes is a little morning to get each liquid to be differentiated inside the glass and once the juice is drunk. This drink is served in a shot glass, so keep an eye on the quantities very well.

First of all, the grenadine is placed on the bottom of the glass, gradually throwing it out. Then add the orange juice. To mount the mixture well, and it does not spoil, you need to drop it off one of the edges of the glass. Try to dump the glass, without the grenadine being removed too much, and pour the orange juice very slowly over the edge.

Finally, it’s time to pour the rum. You have to follow the same procedure as with orange juice, only in this case it will be a little more complicated to move the glass to put it sideways without moving the inside.

The end result should be a drink that looks like it is layered, as if the sun was rising or freshly hidden. Very red below, orange in the middle and with a more muted color on the edge.