Halloween Tree

At Christmas you put a Christmas tree, in other countries, such as the Tanabata party in Japan, it is common to decorate a small tree with the wishes you have. What do you think happens on Halloween night? Well, it’s also common to have a Halloween tree at home!


Buy a tree for Halloween?

You shouldn’t confuse the concepts. It is true that, for the night of the dead, many types of trees are sold that you can buy to have exposed in your garden, the house or the hallway of the building. These trees are usually adorned with a lot of accessories, such as spider web, spiders, bats…

But in reality, it’s worth any tree in your garden to turn it into a Halloween tree. If you give imagination to Christmas, to decorate the tree and fill it with life and color, on this special night you have to do the opposite… it has to look like the tree is dead! As much as Halloween City Trees in Nightmare Before Christmas!

The more scary ornaments, the better the Halloween tree

Even if you’re going to decorate a Halloween tree, you must remember to be respectful of nature, and not punish the poor tree very much. What would you like to use the tree in your garden to decorate it? Well, go ahead. You have the option of using spider web spray, although we have already advanced you that there are many spider webs that are sold already ready to hang on trees. In addition, these fabrics already have their own spiders, so you won’t have to put them on.

You can put some dark lights on, always being careful that you can’t cause a fire. If you add an owl or owl, with sound effect, or a bat, and a skeleton or zombie chained to it, you’ll have the best Halloween tree in the neighborhood.

Get your Halloween tree with WITHSKULLS

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