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Halloween Scythe

The reaper, even if it is the death emissary, has been associated with the Halloween party. And there are not a few who decide to dress up as her. Are you going to be from this group? Because if that’s the case, you’ll be interested in getting a Halloween scythe to complete the costume.


No matter the culture, you need a scythe

If you’ve been looking for the representation of different cultures on death, you’ll have noticed that they all have one thing in common: the robe of death carries with it a sharp scythe. This may have a more or less noticeable shape and may be rusty or not, but the crescent leaf with a long stick to hold it is always present. Even in the Harry Potter universe created by J.K.Rowling.

Besides, the good thing is that it’s a cheap product, and getting a death costume isn’t complicated at all. Just a black hood, a black blanket and a skull mask. And ready, you already have a perfect costume to go out on the street and leave everyone with their lungs in their mouths every time they see you. Especially if they’re elderly people, so be very careful with what you do.

It can even be used to do cosplay.

Soul Eater, Naruto, Pandora Hearts, Vampire Knight… the world of animation has been introduced on Halloween as if it were a plague. And it is not for less, because in these series there are some characters that are very scary. It’s normal that people want to dress up as them for the night of the dead.

Among these characters there are at least half a hundred who use a scythe as a weapon. If you dare to do so, you could decorate it in a special way, so that it has a blood effect, a shiny silver color, as if it were freshly polished or the handle has a more irregular shape to hold it.

Death Scythes in WITHSKULLS

A scythe is still a weapon. And as such, it should be as realistic as possible. So what the hell are you waiting for to get yours? In WITHSKULLS all kinds of scythes are waiting for you, from the most classic to some with a more striking and terrifying design, with which you will leave more than one with your soul on the vermin when you see you appear. Your costume will finally be complete!