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Halloween Scary Face Recipe

We will teach you how to prepare one of the most terrifying recipes of Halloween night when it comes to drinks… it’s about scary faces!

Prove to your guests that their lives will never be the same again!

Friends drinking halloween cocktail


On one hand, you need ingredients to prepare the indentation and then others for assembly. But, calm down, actually, you don’t need to spend much to make this recipe.

For sangria 1 bottle of wine 1 lemon soda 1 glass of brandy, whiskey or tequila ½ peach ½ orange ½ lemon ½ apple Sugar Cinnamon For assembly 1 large bowl of sangria 8 medium apples 1 lemon

Preparation of sangria

First of all, we will show you how to prepare sangria, and then will come the assembly of the scary faces . If you have never done it, you would do well to follow these steps that we will tell you below. Slice the fruits to keep only half of each. Then, in a bowl filled with alcohol of your choice (remember that we have given you a choice between brandy, whiskey and tequila) let the fruits rest in the fridge. At least for half an hour. On the other hand, while it rests, put in a large bowl the wine, with the liquor you have chosen and the soda. Stir well so that everything is mixed with intensity, so that all liquids are unified into one. Then add a little sugar (at most three small teaspoons, don’t overdo it) and a pinch of cinnamon with your fingers. If you see that it is already sweet enough, then it is ready. Finally, add the fresh fruits and a little ice, to cool the drink.

Let it rest, at least, in the fridge for a quarter of an hour so that the sangria takes the taste of the fruit.

Preparing the scary faces

Have you already got the sangria ready and it’s resting in the fridge? That’s great! Now you just have to prepare the assembly, so follow our advice. Take the sangria out of the fridge and remove the fruits, as it will look a little bad that they are floating inside your tray with the faces. The apples are going to take the heart out (you can use a hart remover) and part of them will be peeled, exposing the white part of the apple. Cut the lemon in half and each apple you will rub it in, so that it absorbs the juice. You should know that this is not for the apple to catch the taste, but rather so that they do not turn dark inside the sangria. It is necessary to make the faces on the apple, so using a knife draw the eyes and mouth on each white part of it, and put them inside the bowl with the indentation, with the face facing up. And you have your Halloween drink ready, which will come with a little present for your guests. If you want, you can puncture some cloves in the apple, which will also enhance the taste of sangria.