apple cocktail for halloween

Halloween Scary Apple Martini Recipe

Is the party you’re giving is for adults only? Then you don’t have to cut yourself when using alcohol. The drink we are going to recommend you now only needs you to be a little crafty when mixing spirits.

This is the creepy apple martini!

apple melon soda


The ingredients we’re going to give you below equals a single serving. So you’ll have to double as many times as you need the ingredients according to the number of guests you’re going to have. 60 ml of vodka 1 bowl with ice cubes ½ cup of green apple juice 60 ml of calvados (apple liqueur)

Preparation of the scary apple martini

Are you ready to make this delicious Halloween liqueur and stick to to the consequences? That’s great! Because it is a recipe that is made in a very short time! Take a very large jar, like the ones used to serve the water. At the bottom put a few ice cubes and add 60 ml of vodka. Stir well to spread well together with the ice. Then add half a cup of green apple juice. With the help of a stick, stir again with great care, until both ingredients are unified. It remains to add the 60 ml of calvados, which as you know is the classic apple liqueur. Back to stir.

Once the mixture is finished, put it in the fridge, so that it gets temperature, and the ice does not melt. Otherwise, the water will spoil your mussel.

When guests are there, you only have to pour the drink in a few glasses and add some decorative Halloween element, such as plastic spiders. Or cut a few slices of lemon and make some detail about the party. Although an olive cut in half with a red eye could also serve as an ornament.