Halloween Scars

It’s funny how the Halloween party has ended up related to grotesque. It seems that the premium thing today is to get the most hideous and disgusting disguise in the world. Is that what you’re looking for? In that case, the more Halloween scars you have, the better.

For any part of the body

You should know that today there are scars for any part of the body. Stomach, chest, mouth, face, skull, hands, legs… Any part of the body you can think of has a fake Halloween scar ready to stick.

Thanks to the advances, these scars seem so real that more than one will get the urge to vomit, we guarantee that. So mark the areas of your body with the best scars of Halloween, because you’re going to leave a mark on their minds.

So realistic they scare

Are you one of those who like to make a mark on their victims? Then you’ll do well to resort to these Halloween scars that we have prepared for you. These, they have sewn scars, scars of bullets full of blood, viscera that appear to be coming out of your body, weapons that seem to be stuck inside you.

Then there are the simplest, but no less terrifying ones, as can be the two points of a vampire’s fangs, to make it look like you’ve been bitten, or a werewolf bite. It’ll almost look like you’re half a neck short and you’ll be full of blood.

Wounds of all kinds

Instead of filling yourself with blood, why not just put some body wounds on your body? These can be screws, crystals, knives… they are very simple, but they will do your role well.

Or you can prepare a night of terror for your guests, like in the houses of terror, and wear realistic latex scars, blood, fractured bones, pus, or cangrene as the plot progresses. More than one of your guests will have to go to the emergency room… their hearts will stop as realistic as they look!

With WITHSKULLS.NET, you’ll have the best wounds of Halloween

Do you think even if it’s fake, the more realistic the scar is, the more you’re gonna pay for it? Poor naive! Halloween scars are very cheap! And all of them have very good quality. You may be able to make a retouching to make it more realistic, but you’ll see how well you’ve paid for it! Especially if you buy with WITHSKULLS.NET, we have the most suitable prices for this type of products!