Halloween Creepy Eyes Recipe

Scary things are the most typical thing during the Halloween party. This is a simple to make starter, very rich and that creates a frightening visual effect to who sees it.

We present to you the recipe of creepy eyes!


It’s a very simple dish to prepare. To do it you will only need a few ingredients: 6 round cheese 3 pitted black olives Red Ketchup Colouring the creepy eyes

This is a very light starter, which will help to have enough appetite during dinner to eat the main course.

To do this, you just have to follow a few simple steps:

Place the cheeses on a platter with vegetable paper or film, so that the dish does not get dirty. So, using red dye and a brush, draw the veins of the eyes, as it seems more convenient to you.

Cut each black olive in half (remember they don’t have to have bones) and place them right in the middle, with the smallest area and the hole up.
Next, you’ll fill this inside with some ketchup droplets. Now, if you like mayonnaise, mustard or soy sauce more, you can put whatever you want yourself. And it’s all you need to make this delicacy! Are you wondering what kind of

halloween cocktail

you can’t use? True, there are few cheeses that are so small and round in shape. However, you can take yourself from a wedge portions and give it a round shape. Now, our advice is that it be a cheese that turns out to be tender, so that the mixture of flavors in the mouth is more pleasant. If you put a dry cheese, you will spoil the dish a little. So look for goat cheese, a cheese like Camembert or fresh cheese, because they look great with olives.