brain damage halloween recipe

Halloween Brain Damage Recipe

For a Halloween party, you should prepare a drink that really disgust. Something that only those who are a little brave dare to try it.

And among all the recipes that we can recommend to you, only one more than meets the condition – brain damage.

brain damage halloween recipe


You shouldn’t be wrong in the quantities, understood? If you want to succeed with this fantastic mussel in the night of the walking dead, you need: 30ml peach liqueur 7.5ml Baileys Dash from Grenadide Brain Damage


Are you sure you have what it takes to prepare this mussel? Because we’ve already told you that it’s going to look so gross that you’re the one who prepared it, you’re going to be gagged just seeing it. If you are ready, follow the recipe. It’s an easy recipe to prepare. Take a shot glass of liquor, filling it halfway with the peach liqueur. (If you don’t like this liqueur, you can use the peach liqueur that ends up being a perfect combination.) Then add the Baileys on the reverse side of a spoon, little by little. You will see how a nasty effect is generated inside the drink, because when it comes into contact with the peach the Baileys will have a gelatinous appearance. Now the time has come to create the effect of blood, and for this is what the Grenadine Dash is used. You just have to pour a little bit, to cover the glass a little more.

And you’ll have your brain damage drink ready. We do not recommend making it in a glass larger than a shot. This does not mean that it cannot be done, but the amount of liquor, combined with the amount of Baileys, will not be very good for health.

Now, if you don’t mind taking that risk… go ahead! We won’t be the ones to stop you.