Halloween Bloody Drink Recipe

Blood is closely related to the night of the dead, so it is not for less to dedicate some drink to it…

Don’t be confused, because the well-known bloody drink has nothing to do with sangria.

In fact, it’s a much stronger drink… it’s not made for weaklings!


Let’s see, what ingredients do you think you need to make something that looks like it’s real blood? And what can help give it a similar look? Can’t you think of anything? Well, don’t worry, we’ll tell you. ½ liter of apple juice ½ liter of cranberry juice 2 liters of ginger ale ½ liter of water

Preparation of the bloody drink

Apart from mixing the ingredients, for this recipe you have to do a little trick so that the drink is closely related to Halloween.

Can’t you think of what it is? Well, read our recipe, because you’ll see it’s a very simple thing. First of all, get a hand of ice. Yeah, you read right, a hand of ice. But not one you go to the store to buy, because you’ll make it at home. To do this you will use a plastic or latex glove (which is clean), and fill it with water. Close the part of the wrist, so that the water does not come out, tying or sewing it, and put in the freezer for about half an hour. After half an hour, that’s when you need to start mixing. The first thing will be to mix half a liter of apple juice with half a liter of cranberry juice. Beat a little with a teaspoon so that both liquids are unified. Then pass the mixture into a large bowl and pour the two liters of ginger ale. Again you’re going to have to beat so that everything is integrated. Try the mixture, and if it doesn’t seem too sweet you can add a pinch of sugar. But just a little bit!

Don’t overdo it or your juice will be ruined. The hand should be ready by now, so take the glove out of the fridge and carefully break the plastic of the glove. Then you can put it inside your mussel. So it will seem that there is a hand floating inside, which will also refresh the drink you have prepared. Just don’t put your hand until the moment you serve the drink, or it could melt.