11 Cool Makeup for Halloween without disguise

To celebrate Halloween at all heights it is not necessary to have a scary look, let alone a costume that causes panic among people. These beautiful girls decided to celebrate Halloween to the best style, elegance and tenderness that no one could have imagined.

Whether for a short time, not having the whole costume on hand or in itself wearing a suit that could be uncomfortable are the reasons why these women decided to enjoy Halloween night with flawless makeup that highlights your beauty while others look scary.

11 Cool Makeup for Halloween without disguise


1. Unicorn Makeup

For girls who love these mythological animals this proposal is one of the most interesting as they not only combine the colors in a unique way but also highlight your face above the Halloween costumes that can be around.


2. Mermaid Makeup

If you consider yourself a “Little Mermaid” or a fan of “Ariel” but don’t want to look very childish at a Halloween party, what you can do is create a flake-like style on some parts of your face. This makeup is perfect because you do not need much time to perform it also if you accompany them with other objects of the sea it will look much more realistic.

3. Snow White Makeup

Very fast and effective is the Make-up Snow White and the seven dwarfs. You just need to remove the “cartoon angel” and transform it into a confident, purposeful and stylish woman. A green bun will make them understand the purpose of your makeup, otherwise it will look like you didn’t try to do something for Halloween.


4. Comic Makeup

If you are one of the women who love comics, we bring a fantastic idea that you can’t miss. You’ll only need a little patience to make the right strokes, but the result will be wonderful. To make the black lines it’s just a matter of having a black eyeliner at hand.

5. Butterfly Makeup.

Snapchat is not only a tool to use filters in a selfie, you can also use it as inspiration like this beautiful girl. If you like to take photos alone or with your friends with this filter then it is the ideal as you will look like a princess.

6. Kitten Makeup

For girls there are also special make-up so that they do not spoil their skin. Give it the effect of a sweet and tender kitten who only wants to order sweets on a night of terror and fear but if they do not give it can become a beast.


7. Clown Makeup

The Bloodthirsty Clown makeup is imposing and one of the most creepy makeup that can exist. Turning a funny Clown into this evil creature can make you win a contest.


8. Tiger Makeup

For the children of the house there is also perfect makeup instead of expensive or heavy costumes. A tiger is a great option to demonstrate your courage and also take care of your sister the kitten.


9. Ursula Makeup

Being the villain of the story is sometimes much better than the sweet protagonist who always gets everything. Become the baddest evil and make life impossible for anyone near you.


10. Jack Sparrow Makeup

Captain Jack Sparrow is a woman. This excellent makeup can be the winner of the evening if the result is identical to you as no one will think that behind the costume is a beautiful woman.


11. Joker Make/Joker

Fans of Batman or in this case, those who hate the dark knight will be able to disguise themselves as their worst enemy and cause all sorts of disaster at the meeting.